Impact of the Bolivian Political Crisis to the Alma Projects


The political crisis we are going through as a country, the appointment of new authorities, the new deadlines for national and subnational elections, set a scenario with uncertainties not only for the inhabitants of  Bolivia but also for the private entities that operate in our country.

For the Alma Foundation, the good news is that we will have stable local authorities to continue with the inter-institutional covenants that are a fundamental link in our actions in the communities of the Benian Amazon. This will allow continued support to all current and new projects.

On the other hand, it is important to point out that during the October 2019 crisis young Bolivians have been fundamental actors in the protests and mobilizations, but a common among these young people was the lack of knowledge of our overall history, and of our democratic history specifically. That is why I believe that the crisis we have experienced is a great opportunity for our students together with our teachers to delve into the issues that transcend us as a society and that have marked the recent social and political agenda of our country. Education about democracy and its processes, about respect for the diversity of opinions on polarizing issues (politics, religion), and on how to make a critical analysis of our reality and cultural diversity to see it as national wealth and not as a source of division among us, will be fundamental to include in the training of our children and adolescents and a great opportunity to generate awareness for unity and the vindication of rights in future generations.


The educational method the Alma Foundation applies in all its projects, as it invites to debate and invites critical analysis and creativity, can work very well with our students to generate reflections and proposals to the wounds that were made evident in the recent crisis. Alma has a golden opportunity ahead and I think it will be able to do a job of great value to the new generations.