Meet Rodrigo from Monte Cristo


Rodrigo is a student who attended our secondary school project in Monte Cristo, Bolivia in 2-16. The information below was collected at the end of the 2016 academic year.

Rodrigo was born on August 21, 2017, in the beautiful community of Monte Cristo. He studied both primary and secondary school in the small school of the community. He is the son of Mr. Miguel Maruca Tomicha and Mrs. Juana Melgar Mejía. Rodrigo has 11 brothers. His parents have worked all of their lives to support the wellness of his family.

His family works in agriculture. They are subsistence farmers, meaning that they focus on growing enough food to feed their family. They currently farm rice, corn, yucca and bananas. In addition to subsistence farming, they also hunt and fish to provide enough food for the family.

Rodrigo is studying in the sixth grade of high school. He is considered a happy and dedicated student. At the beginning of the year, he was concerned that the teachers would not show up to classes. This is a common problem in rural areas. If teachers do not come in to teach, students will lose the year of school and be forced to take the grade in the following year. Fortunately, teachers began showing up in the community in April and Rodrigo was able to complete the full year of schol.


What do you think about Alma foundation project?
The project is very good because it helps me to learn many things, for example, it taught me how to use computers. This will be a great help for me in 2017 as I wish to pursue higher education, such as taking classes at a university or an institute.


What would you like to tell the founder of Alma Foundation and the people that make this project possible?
Please continue helping our community. Please send more computers and books so my brothers can continue learning.


Do you like to attend the classes by the Alma Foundation?
Yes, I like to attend the classes a lot, because I learn a lot. I learned how to use programs like Word, PowerPoint and now, we are learning to do electronic sheets in Microsoft Excel.