After many months of remote work, we had the opportunity to meet in person with Prof. Elías Perez, a specialist from UGELParuro, to plan and coordinate the activities to be carried out with the assigned teachers. This specialist is always willing to cooperate with Alma Children’s Education, giving us the scope of information that helps in the planning and projection of activities with UGEL. Few specialists have the collaborative spirit of providing information that helps us in improving educational quality, but who could think of the kindness of Elías behind his stern demeanor. For me, he is a  teacher by vocation who opens the doors for us and is aware of the agreements reached with the UGEL of Paruro, he has great decision-making power within the UGEL due to his career trajectory, also is intrinsically motivated to innovate teaching strategies, and such aspects led him to become a member of the preparation of the PER (Regional Educational Project, in spanish). It gives me a great joy to be part of the Alma team that let me know personalities from our Cusco region who join in innovating and actively managing pedagogical practices, to strengthen classroom teachers in the gaps of the Regular Basic Education. Elías and other specialists are grateful for the support of Alma Children’s Education, given that few non-governmental institutions develop intangible projects like “preparing children for a better future.”


Octavio Quispe Checca

Project Manager