“Our program director Ian Mcgroarty and his wife Maria de la Gracia (Gata) were in Toronto for five days last week for our annual Board of Directors strategy session. Because Ian is only here once a year, the 5 days cram meetings with supporters, advisors, a potential remote technology partner, a fundraising lunch and a party for our volunteers. As always, Ian’s accounts of what we are doing in Peru impressed me and the stories of the kids moved me. Something else struck me this time though: the people involved in Alma here. From the high net worth donors we met at lunch, the academics who are advising us, and the board members who sacrificed a Saturday to go through a rigorous agenda, to the 25 volunteers at our party, they all are really amazing people who I have met through this charity. Being surrounded by so many impressive individuals all happily giving their time for a social purpose so far away and so removed from our daily lives has for me been a really wonderful gift. Thanks to all of you, I think you are amazing.”