Teacher Training in Cusco

Story/Photo: Ian McGroarty

For the first time, we will have an intensive two week teacher training in Cusco with our teachers from Loreto, Beni, and Cusco. The goal is to ensure that all teachers receive the same base training and experience with Alma’s innovative teaching methodology, which can then be adapted to the different community and cultural needs as each project is implemented. Our training program has been recognized by state educational authorities for the past two years, but 2018 will be the first time that state officials have shown interest in participating. Even more exciting, they are traveling all the way from Beni, Bolivia to do it!

We are thrilled to welcome two professionals from the Gobierno Autonomo Municipal de San Andrés: one being the Head of Education for the municipality and the other the technician hired specifically to monitor Alma projects and assure that the municipality and the communities fulfill their contractual obligations.

It is in part because of the strong and reliable support Alma has received from the Gobierno Autonomo Municipal de San Andrés, the Mayor Wilson Lacoa and his great cabinet of consejales, that we have decided to double our efforts in San Andrés and open five new projects there in 2018.

We look forward to another great year working with the communities and authorities in San Andrés, and we know that strong training in our methodology will help us have even more positive impact in the lives of the children there!