Training Vs. Effective Training


Ian recently came to Bolivia to help us with training. He tells us that there are two different types of training: training and effective training.

The question the Alma team has to answer is: What is the difference between these two types of training?

The more we train and learn from each other the more we learn the difference.

The effective training not only helps us improve our performance as coordinators and teachers but it helps us plan and achieves our goals which is how we get better results. The better we are as teachers and coordinators the more we can help our students express themselves creatively, with logic, and empower in them the ability to decide and defend their points of view.

It has been an enriching training, exchanging opinions and viewpoints, and to broaden our perspectives as a team. The value we place on critical thinking has helped us as teachers to collaborate and challenge each other and different viewpoints in this training. We are ready and anxious to start this school year!

– Coqui Sanchez, Project Coordinator