2019 School Year With Alma


We started the year recruiting teachers for the new school year 2019.  Teachers who are enthusiastic to learn something different and willing to face new education challenges.

The ALMA team got training and we prepare to continue disseminating the ALMA curriculum along with our teaches.  This curriculum promotes CRITICAL THINKING, ANALYTICAL THINKING, AND CREATIVITY in the rural areas of Cuzco,  where the Ministry of Education work is not effective, especially in the high Andes areas which are economically marginalized by the state.

The experience of previous years is helping us to organize better our plans.   We have better systems now that help our teachers to understand well the ALMA’s curriculum to implement it afterward.

In this way, we develop the cognitive and reflection abilities of the students.  Each lesson planned is very fun, since the activities led by the teachers for the students is related to the culture of the community, taking care of the environment, academic content and values practice.  That is how we make sure the learning is significant.

– Octavio, Cusco Project Coordinator