New Year New Challenges



Over the course of 2018, the Alma Foundation implemented five new projects – and we’re ready to keep growing.

The new year brings an even greater challenge. This year we are implementing a total of 28 new projects. It won’t be easy but we are preparing for it, by training.

We focused in February to prepare ourselves, improve our knowledge, learn from last year experiences, in other words, “ Training to help our kids and youth to awake their creativity and critical thinking”.

The training started with the coordinators since it is important that we are their guide and support for the teachers.  To share and exchange ideas and learnings with the teachers Dayana J., Dayana R. Jharris, Liliana, Hernan y Litze is satisfying since we are very committed to ALMA.  I trust that we have put together a very good team.

– Bolivia project coordinator Rene Sanchez