Asociación Cultural Etsa: Reading and Writing Reinforcement Project

Project - Photo - Etsa 2The Asociación Cultural Etsa was founded in 2010 by two employees of La Restinga and two teachers.

Today Etsa consists of five people, all of whom work as volunteers and donate a portion of their own salaries to the association in order to implement their projects. All of their projects are implemented in the neighborhood of Masusa: a slum of Iquitos that exists around one of the city’s main ports that carries the same name.

The Alma Foundation is hiring five part-time teachers and providing educational materials in order to re-implement teacher trainings and reading and writing reinforcement workshops in two primary schools in the neighborhood.

The workshops and trainings stopped in 2012 due to lack of funds, but the two participating schools (IE N°601458 and IE N°601425) continue to request that the project be re-implemented.

Teacher trainings occur one day per week inside the schools in the afternoons, and student workshops are three afternoons per week in the community center. In total, the teacher trainings include 20 teachers (10 teachers from each school) and the student workshops include 60 students divided into three groups of 20.