Union de Obras de Asistencia

U.O.A.S. was founded in 1934 by the wife of Peru’s president at the time. They run 11 schools in Lima for children of no financial means. They are supported financially by the government and are run by an order of nuns. The current president of U.O.A.S. (a non-paid position) is the granddaughter of the founder. I know her personally and feel very confident in her abilities and integrity.
I visited one of their boarding schools and was extremely touched by the quality of care and education given to these very poor kids. The children are happy and the building very clean. The classroom was well-equipped and the staff very engaged.

Currently the schools can only take children up to age 12. We would like to help U.O.A.S. launch a  “Godparent” program, whereby a donor can sponsor a child so that the child can remain at the school beyond age 12, if he or she (and the child’s guardian) so chooses. We anticipate supporting ten children in this program at a cost of approximately $900/child.