Mosoq Runa

Mosoq Runa aims to transform lives of “at risk” children

Mosoq Runa is a children’s home in Ccotohuincho, an extremely poor district near the town of Urubamba. Here the poverty leads to numerous family problems: alcoholism, squalid housing, poor diet (40% of children suffer from malnutrition), lack of decent clothing, little or no education, child labour, and poor hygiene, resulting in intestinal infection and chronic respiratory disease. Studies show that physical and sexual abuse are widespread.

In 2000, Ada Stevanja, an Italian woman living in the area, set up the home to create a secure environment for “at risk” children and adolescents who were victims of physical or sexual abuse, where they could build their self-confidence and trust, develop interpersonal skills, and complement their school education. One aim is to break the cycle of domestic violence.

Alma visitors impressed with project’s progress; commit to help with schooling

When we visited Mosoq Runa with a group of Alma Foundation supporters in October 2011, we were so impressed that we decided to deepen our relationship with the organization, and after discussions with Ada, became involved in the transition that the home is making into an educational center.

In 2012, Alma is supporting the education of the children who are currently at the home, helping to fund their course work in the local school, educational materials, uniforms, school meals, and by providing a teacher who every afternoon will help the children with their homework and understanding their lessons. These children, from difficult home backgrounds, also benefit enormously from the emotional support and the work on ethical values that they receive at Mosoq Runa.

Italian bakery, sewing workshop, provide vocational opportunities

In the future, we intend to extend this educational and emotional support to more children in the district and to sustain these efforts by developing the Italian bakery (the best in Urubamba!) and the sewing workshop opened recently. The increased involvement of the young people in these workshops, combined with academic support and enhanced self-esteem, should improve their opportunities in life.