Lacco, Peru

When the parents’ association in Lacco saw our project in neighboring Chumpe, they were insistent. They wanted to implement computer science classes that reinforced state mandated academic content and promoted critical/creative thinking through dynamic projects based 100% on the students’ indigenous culture and values. They petitioned, they visited, and they made such a strong case that the moment some budget opened up, we set a date to visit Lacco and speak with the community members.

That was early 2017, and our project continues to function, expand, and improve in Lacco. The parents and students are and always have been the driving force behind the project, and they continue to work to ensure both its short and long-term viability and impact. The state teachers change every year, but the community members are quick to explain their project with Alma to the incoming staff, and we have had strong support within the school every year.

We look forward to continuing and deepening our relationship with our partners in Lacco, and love watching the students grow academically and personally – developing a strong sense of who they are, where they come from, and the limitlessness of what they are capable of.

Classes function Monday-Wednesday during school hours and in some afternoons (2-4pm). 19 students from 4rth, 5th and 6th grade are enrolled.


Alma inputs:

Teacher (1)
Technical and academic materials.
Project Coordination
Program cost = U$10,000


Local inputs:

Housing for our teacher
Student lunches
Meeting attendance
Home strategy implementation


Indicators of Success:

1. Student attendance
2. Academics – computer skills, mathematical reasoning, communications
3. Creativity – divergent thinking, originality
4. Critical thinking – analysis, evaluation, justification of opinions
5. Values and resilience
6. Hours invested per child
7. Parental engagement – attendance, contreparte, home strategy, capacity
8. Ancillary benefits
9. Implementation of teaching methods – Alma teachers, State teachers