Las Palmeras

Las Palmeras has always been a slightly different project. When we were first invited to the community, the problem was that they did not have a school and either had to send them to a faraway population center or not send them to school at all. So at first the community, with municipal assistance, built a school and Alma implemented the classes. Then the problem was that the school wasn’t a registered public school, so with the community, we did all the paperwork necessary and formalized the school.

Now the project is focused on implementing Alma’s proven pedagogy with state contracted teachers. We hope that it can serve as a pilot and a clear example of how Alma’s pedagogy can assist teachers in fulfilling the requirements of Bolivia’s education reform law, Ley 070.

The one constant throughout the history of the project in Las Palmeras is the community’s constant effort and coordination in its implementation. The community members’ enthusiasm for assuring high-quality education in their community is inspiring and keeps us working hard as well!