Villa Alba

Villa Alba, Bolivia
Villa Alba is an agricultural community with 75 families located in the district of San Andres Bolivia. Being one of the oldest communities in San Andres, Villa Alba has both a primary and a secondary school and the Parents Association is organized and active.

After several meetings with the community and with local and regional authorities, we decided to implement an early childhood stimulation program.  The District Municipality of San Andres provided construction materials to build an early childhood stimulation center and the community built the center. Alma was responsible for hiring and training a teacher, creating dynamic and creative curriculum for the program, and equipping the center with necessary materials.

We estimate that 30% of the curriculum is based on local indigenous wisdom, oral history and informal education.

15 children attended the program in 2016 and all of them were brought up to the State defined grade level.

In 2017, the 30 lowest testing students in the primary school were enrolled in our program with the goal of bringing them up to grade level.