Lacco Computer Project

Lacco, Peru

As technology becomes ever more integral in all levels of education and in every aspect of daily life, children without access to technological education are increasingly disadvantaged. When added to the many economic and social obstacles already present for children from rural indigenous communities in Peru, the lack of access to technology is detrimental to their educational and future professional prospects.

Lacco is a rural community in Cusco district where, in 2017, parents asked us to implement our computer training program.
As with our other computer programs the classes here have the goal of developing computer skills, reinforcing reading comprehension and encouraging mathematical reasoning. We are using the same methodologies as in our biblioteca projects to promote critical thinking, creativity and social/personal and environmental values by using fun, culturally relevant activities to illuminate concepts behind content.

Classes function Monday-Wednesday during school hours and in some afternoons (2-4pm). 19 students from 4rth, 5th and 6th grade are enrolled.


Alma inputs:

Teacher (1)
Technical and academic materials.
Project Coordination
Program cost = U$10,000


Local inputs:

Housing for our teacher
Student lunches
Meeting attendance
Home strategy implementation


Indicators of Success:

1. Student attendance
2. Academics – computer skills, mathematical reasoning, communications
3. Creativity – divergent thinking, originality
4. Critical thinking – analysis, evaluation, justification of opinions
5. Values and resilience
6. Hours invested per child
7. Parental engagement – attendance, contreparte, home strategy, capacity
8. Ancillary benefits
9. Implementation of teaching methods – Alma teachers, State teachers