Completed Projects

CLAS Project in Cajamarca

Early Stimulation Classrooms (SETs) and Non-accredited Pre-school Programs (PRONEIs) exist in communities or neighborhoods in Peru where formal pre-school is not available due to the lack of student population or municipal/ state budget. SETs work with children 0-3 years old and PRONOEIs with children 3-5 years old. SET and PRONOEI teachers, known as “Promoters”, are […]


  The “Biblioteca” project is built around the idea that education is not a single trajectory between a defined starting and ending point, but a more fluid orientation with varying starting and ending points depending on the strengths and interests of each individual student.       Though the case can be made for the […]

Colcha School Expansion Project

The Alma Children’s Education Foundation is beginning a new school expansion project in the province of Paruro. The community, San Francisco de Colcha, is home to the only secondary school in the entire District of Colcha. Alma will hire one teacher to help the school expand up to fourth grade. The Apu Yauri Waynajuna Kallpachaq […]

Markuray Rayan Project

In response to the large success of our project working with the families of school I.E. # 50908 in Chamana, the Alma Foundation has decided to implement the same project, though slightly adapted due to the different needs of the new communities, in the school I.E. # 501316 in Markuray. The project includes the 23 […]

Mosoq Runa

Mosoq Runa aims to transform lives of “at risk” children Mosoq Runa is a children’s home in Ccotohuincho, an extremely poor district near the town of Urubamba. Here the poverty leads to numerous family problems: alcoholism, squalid housing, poor diet (40% of children suffer from malnutrition), lack of decent clothing, little or no education, child […]

Kiya Survivors

Kiya Survivors is a British-Peruvian charity operating educational facilities for children with special needs and those who have suffered abuse and abandonment. The Rainbow Centre was the first facility opened by Kiya, in 2002, and is the only school dedicated to special needs in this area of Peru. Survivors supports 140 children and their families […]

Eco-escuela Tikapata

This post was created on August 12, 2014 Tikapata is a small, wonderful alternative school in the countryside, 10km. from Urubamba. It was founded two years ago by three sets of parents who were unhappy with the quality of education in the area. One-third of the children, from families of financial means, pay full tuition […]

General Ollanta de Urubamba Art Studio (GOU)

The Golden anniversary dream! This is a large public high school in Urubamba that gets little government funding beyond teachers’ salaries.  We have worked with Nexos Voluntarios, a Peruvian charity with deep roots in Urubamba, on previous projects with staff and students from GOU, so we have a good understanding of stakeholder needs and assets. Two […]

Union de Obras de Asistencia

U.O.A.S. was founded in 1934 by the wife of Peru’s president at the time. They run 11 schools in Lima for children of no financial means. They are supported financially by the government and are run by an order of nuns. The current president of U.O.A.S. (a non-paid position) is the granddaughter of the founder. I […]

Angeles D-1

Vania Masias, former Peruvian national premier ballerina and national champion dancer, was touring with the Ireland Ballet’s Romeo and Juliet when she returned to Lima for vacation and watched a group of street dancers perform at an intersection in front of her car. She envisioned creating a dance studio, a safe friendly place where these street kids […]

Aldea Yanapay

Yuri Valencia de la Barrio de Mendoza has done social change work in Cusco since he was 13. Today, he is an astute, university educated social entrepreneur who has built a hostel and restaurant and has used the profits from these two ventures to develop a school in Cusco for children of no financial means. The school, […]

GOU Tejidos Andinos

In general, arts and crafts can provide a vocational education, and, thus, an income; skills in weaving and jewelry making are particularly useful. The Tejidos Andinos Project currently works with a group of 30 students; however, many more are waiting for the opportunity to be included. Andean weaving is an art form that these children […]

Yachay Wasi

Yachay Wasi is a small independent school being built in Ollantaytambo. We are very familiar with this community and have many personal relationships there. It has been apparent that the local primary school has been providing an inadequate quality of education so a group of parents formed a not-for-profit association that has been running a drop-in […]

The Rural Teacher Capacitation Project

The Alma Foundation has partnered with the National University of the Altiplano, the Unidad de Gestión Educativa Local (UGEL) of Urubamba, and the Rural Educational Network of Patacancha in an effort to improve the quality of education in nine remote highland communities that form part of the Patacancha Cuenca in the District of Ollantaytambo. Over the […]

The K’enko Project

The Alma Children’s Education Foundation has recently begun working with leaders and parents from the community of K’enko to improve access to secondary school education for 40 students who, at the moment, walk five hours a day to get to the nearest secondary school.K’enko is a small highland community approximately 1.5 hours by car from Pisac. It is accessible […]

Yanamayo and Quelcanca Education Improvement Project

This project will improve access to early childhood education and improve the quality of pre-school and primary school education. It will accomplish this through the provision of  much needed educational materials and enhanced teacher training. As well, infrastructure repairs will bring welcome improvements to these communities, located in the Patacancha valley above Ollantaytambo. For this […]