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Alma visits Potosi Mines in Bolivia

The Inca Empire knew about the vast amounts of silver reserves in the mountain named Potosí but never touched it. Inca Huayna Capac was told by a foreboding voice to not mine the mountain, and he heeded the warning. The Spanish, however, had other plans – bringing about one of the deadliest and cruellest chapters of the […]

How Alma Does It

It is easy for people to understand the “why” for an organization like Alma, but sometimes the “how” can be a bit more difficult to explain. Program Director, Ian McGroarty, put together a brief video explaining how Alma develops its projects.  I hope this helps to answer the “how” for you. We want to hear from […]

Alma Visits Bolivia

It takes time to set up an Alma project. Part of that is obviously the careful due diligence we conduct: identifying needs, creating project plans, projecting budgets, defining goals and timelines, choosing the people who will take responsibility for reaching those goals, etc. However, even before the due diligence stage, it is essential to spend […]