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        *Ver abajo texto original en Español To benefit from the winter winds, kids from the Sariry Foundation, and the community, interacted in the holidays, constructing kites (also called comets). It was fun because they had to recover traditional games and make use of their creativity, imagination, perseverance, and independence in order […]


There are many obstacles to improving the quality of education in rural Peruvian communities. What we try to do, in partnership with students, teachers, and parents, is find paths around those obstacles. Nevertheless, as it is with everything, each solution leads to new obstacles, new possible solutions, etc. Our biblioteca projects offer a fun and […]

Annie Reflects on Her Visit to Peru

Kids are kids no matter what! I recently had the opportunity of visiting some of the Alma projects in Cuzco and interacting with many of the kids. Some of them were shy, some were very excited and spontaneous, some had special needs, and some were super smart! I have 2 young kids myself, and the […]

The Power of Fun

On the first day of the Biblioteca project in Huadhua, after speaking with the teachers and parents and playing some games with the students, the first thing we did was divide the students into groups and give each group an unopened digital camera. We then proceeded to open the boxes together and search for each […]

Preserving an Indigenous Culture

One of our newest projects is called Cultura Sirionó. The Sirionó people are an indigenous people in the Bolivian Amazon. Ian was there recently, to finalize the details of two projects we’re starting in the communities of Pata de Aguila and Ibiato. Like all of our projects, they will have a lasting impact on the communities. But this […]

Alma’s 5th Anniversary Party!

Each year our friends and supporters look forward to the annual Alma party – and this year is no exception! Please join us on June 24th at Toronto’s Historic Fort York. The event is family friendly and each ticket includes all-you-can-eat authentic Peruvian food.  To celebrate our 5th anniversary, there will be lots of surprises […]

Touring Alma’s projects with Ian McGroarty

On Tuesday, March 30, my dad and I had the pleasure of touring two of Alma’s projects outside of Cusco. We were greeted (nice and early!) in the morning by Ian, Alma’s program director, who drove us out to the first project on an incredibly breathtaking drive through the mountains. We were both thoroughly impressed […]

Sariry Foundation participates in the carnaval!

In Bolivia, it is a tradition to celebrate carnivals with dances and balloons. Tilata families and most of the families of the Sariry Foundation, usually perform “ch’alla” which is a ritual to thank the Pachamama (Mother Earth) for material goods such as house, car, furniture and etc. The goods are decorated with streamers and balloons […]

Meet Edgar from Mosoq Runa Project

Edgar is a 3rd grade boy who comes from a poor family. Both of his parents are illiterate. His father, by false accusation, spent three years in prison leaving his wife and 5 children without any support. As a result of the family issues Edgar’s performance in school has dropped significantly. Despite all difficulties, the mother did her best to […]