Monthly Archives: April 2016

Teacher Training in Peru

Everyone from our advisory board, through Ian our program director, to our partners and teachers in the communities seem to agree that single greatest obstacle to better education in Peru is the quality of teachers. Teachers are underpaid, lacking motivation and are badly trained. The “old style” methods they are taught in teacher’s school do […]

In the Classroom in Huadhua

  After 3 hours of driving through the mountains, we arrived at Huadhua, a remote town with 200 residents. As our white pick-up approached the school the children began to scream with excitement. “Gringo, Gringo!” rings through the air as the children eye us with bewilderment and curiosity. The kids, who are timid at first, […]

Interview with Balthazar

What is your favourite food? Lomo saltado. (Beef with rice, tomatoes and onions) Tell us about your family. I have 9 siblings, and I am the oldest. What do you want to do when you are older? I want to drive a car. I want to have passengers and go fast. [Balthazar was later on very […]


Philip von Hahn is a recent graduate of Williams College in the US, where he rowed crew and majored in medieval history, winning an award for his thesis on ninth century royal biographies. It turns out they are rather complicated. A Toronto native, he attended high school at Upper Canada College, spending summers canoe-tripping and […]


Benjamin is a recent grad from the Ivey Business School at Western University. After spending his final semester of study in Barcelona, Benjamin realized his passion for travel, especially in expanding his perspective by meeting and learning from new people. In his spare time Benjamin enjoys cooking, scuba-diving, playing basketball, and reading. His recent reads […]